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who are you calling a cootie queen

you lint-licker

Filliam H. Muffman
Please insert girder.
a conversation with koko, adrenocorticotrophin, ama ebi, befriending your pets, behavioral neuroscience, being a hypochondriac, being tired of bullshit, biggie shorty, birthday soup, blue movies, boobies, bust-accenting lab coats, chinatowns, club coco ii, comfortable silence, corticosterone, corticotrophin releasing factor, dog wrestling, dot's cafe, easter wednesday, erotic photo hunt, fancy cookware, goading, ho'omanawanui, huddling for warmth, hugs, inca, karaoke, lanikai, learning and memory, living aloha, macarthur park, manoa falls, medline, natural history museums, nemeses, new scientist, not spelling shit right, olde reed, pastry house hippo, porn, porn as group activity, pornomaché, predicting the future, psychoneuroendocrinology, punny pause pits poo, pussy control, reed kollij, salmon day, sexxxy spontaneous trips, skirts on cold days, small stakes gambling, society for neuroscience, stealing your penis, stinky inc, stoli vanil and vernors, strip clubs, sushi, the acrop, the bla, the master plan, the portland mercury, the word "yar!", trading black for pink, ushra dot com, vomiting with dignity+grace, walking really fucking far, west coast seafood time, wishing on eyelashes, zelda the mysterious, zombies